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Our Mission

Athletes for Justice mobilizes professional, collegiate, and everyday athletes as agents for systemic change by wielding their collective voice and galvanizing resources to amplify local efforts in the ongoing fight for justice.


Our Vision

Athletes for Justice seeks to magnify vital local voices and organizations that shape the places where we live. We believe in a community-driven, research-based, athlete-led approach that directs resources to programs that strengthen our communities and address structural inequalities at a local level by:


resources that accelerate asset-based community development efforts


sustainable community-led initiatives


local voices in their calls for systemic change

With the passion and determination of competitive athletes, Athletes for Justice partners with community members to optimize assets that already exist within their neighborhoods. Through our vision, these initiatives will sustainably advance justice for all by improving access to public health, expanding educational opportunities, and alleviating the impact of poverty in communities across the country.

Support Athletes for Justice

Your contribution will help support our mission to fund and amplify community efforts to fight structural inequalities.

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